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Our Core Beliefs

Welcome to The DVE Group LLC

  • Our Philosophy

    Our company’s business philosophy is to offer exceptional customer service, to think like our clients using an entrepreneurial mindset, to listen carefully to both client and job seekers’ needs, to provide personalized attention to each placement, and to be proactive in anticipating and fulfilling hiring needs.

  • Diversity

    is to empower employers so that they gain a sustainable competitive business advantage by building a workforce that reflects an emerging global customer base. As a minority-owned business, we welcome and embrace a diverse workplace and are proud to lead the way in helping other businesses to achieve this goal.

  • Our Principles

    Our purpose is to attract highly qualified job candidates and connect them with companies (and vice versa) that we present as ideal and exciting working environments based on opportunities, company attitude, and management philosophy.

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What our clients say

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The support team behind DVE is amazing. They are helping and guiding you very professionally with the best help and advice.

Louis Carlson

IT Support

I was hired to do multiple projects that kept me busy for several months. Thanks

Henry Click

Field Tech

Been working with Dell and his team since Nov 2021. Nothing but great communication. You guys rock.


They keep me working.

Korey Willis

  • 77 2022 Filled Assignments
  • 50 2022 New Techs
  • 104 New Contracts
  • 118 Upcoming Projects